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Mindstorm Madness Camp Gets Creative!

Tom Frampton’s cousin, Julie Panus, is a science teacher. Julie teaches a Mindstorm Madness Camp for fifth, sixth, and seventh graders over the summer at Plymouth State University (PSU) in Plymouth, New Hampshire.   Using the LEGO Mindstorms, campers worked in teams, learned to build and program robots. Teams were challenged to solve real-world problems with their bots, in both cooperative and competitive challenges.

Naturally, due to Tom’s inquisitive nature, he asked how he could get involved. Tom decided to challenge the students to program a bot to write the word Fanimation. If they were successful, they would each win an Urbanjet fan from Fanimation. As you can see below, we are now a few Urbanjet’s short!

[youtube_sc url=”″ ratio=”4:3″]



  1. Tom Frampton


  2. Julie Sicks Panus

    Thanks, Tom! The kids really got excited by the challenge and worked hard- learning to program the bots to move accurately while picking the pen up and down..

  3. Alexander Ostrovsky

    The best part is at .38 seconds. The bot moves so quickly, he scares one of the campers! Very cool!

  4. nate solberg

    right now im in the mindstorm madness camp of 2015 and its going great. everybody last year says thanks;)

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