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The Fargo and The Fitzgerald were inspired by Tom’s fan collection

The Fargo and The Fitzgerald, two of Fanimation’s portable options, were inspired by antique fans in Tom Frampton’s extensive collection. Although the fans have distinctly different looks and features, they share a common history.

The Fargo
Tom stumbled upon a Savory Airator portable fan while looking in an antique shop on Main Street in Zionsville. After adding the fan to his antique collection, Tom decided to update the look from its classic 1920s style to a more modern version. The Fargo showcases the same globe shaped cage as the original Airator fan; however, the base of the Fargo is modernized and features classic accents paired with either an oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel or burgundy faux leather finish to create an even richer looking design.


An original Savory Airator from Tom’s fan collection.

Tom has two additional Savory Airators in his collection.

The Fargo is a modern twist to the Savory Airator.

One of the unique features of the Fargo is its ability to create a big breeze without rustling paperwork beneath it, making this fan an ideal choice for an office or home desk. The Fargo also features a handle for easy portability.

The Fitzgerald
Tom’s extensive collection of antique fans includes the Robbins & Myers Peacock fan. This fan was originally designed in 1933 and recognizes as “modernistic” because of its bold angles and artistic elements. Tom was so inspired by the Robbins & Myers fan that he decided to improve the design and engineering and create the Fitzgerald fan. Unlike its 1933 counterpart, The Fitzgerald can be mounted on the wall and comes in oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel finishes.

Tom’s extensive fan collection includes an original Robbins & Myers Peacock fan.

The Fitzgerald was originally inspired by the Robbins & Myers Peacock fan.

Fanimation offers a variety of portable fans that make great holiday gifts because of their versatility and functional design. In addition to the Fargo and Fitzgerald, the Old Havana, the Arden and the recently released Urbanjet are among  Fanimation’s most popular fans. Check out all of these classically designed fans here.


  1. Ted Stoica

    Two years ago I spotted a fan I wanted to purchase from your web page,it was awesome and perfect for our house.i don’t remember the name but it was a black cage about three feet long and had three fans in it…it didn’t hang by a rod there were four chains.i was hoping that fan was still available somehow! Haha,please let me know of any info…thanks! Ted

    1. Teal Anderson Cracraft

      Hi Ted! Thank you for reaching out to us. The fan you described sounds like the Evanesce which, unfortunately, is discontinued. We’d love to help you find another fan. Please contact our customer service department at 888.567.2055 for more information on our full product line.

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