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The Islander brought big changes for Fanimation

The Islander, which can also be considered the fan that forever changed Fanimation, was inspired by the Palisade, both of which were created by Tom Frampton, the founder of Fanimation.

At the time Tom designed the Islander, the Palisade was already a very popular option for homes; however, the size and the vertical movement of the fan limited those with lower ceilings. Fascinated by the palm leaf blades, many people started asking for another option, and this created enough demand that the Islander was born.

The Islander revolutionized Fanimation, helping the company grow from its 2-man shop to a thriving international business. The demand for the Islander skyrocketed after its release making it an ever popular choice for homes striving for the tropical feel. The Islander has withstood the test of time, and over 20 years later is still one of Fanimation’s most popular choices.

Tom Frampton working out of a garage when Fanimation first started.

Select the palm leaf or woven bamboos blades to add just the right touch to your tropics inspired decor. While aesthetically pleasing, this ceiling fan is also engineered for function and is rated for damp locations.

Prior to the development of the Islander, Tom created the Palisade, another member of the tropical lifestyle collection. This fan made its movie debut in a 1980s movie, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, before it even went into production.

The Palisade was featured in Down and Out in Beverly Hills

The tropical lifestyle collection by Fanimation often reminds you of a beach or vacation getaway. This lifestyle collection can make you feel like you are a at a faraway resort. Bring that feeling home with these ceiling fans infused with a touch of the tropics. The palm leaf blades enhance your room by making your own home feel like a retreat. View the entire tropical lifestyle collection here.

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