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Red Blue Enigma Part 1

Fanimation, as many know, is an extremely unique company with many different styles of fans for all kinds of life styles. I’m sure that many of you have looked through the catalog as I have and thought wow that fan would look great here, and this one would totally give my kitchen what it needs.  Then I have looked through it and saw another fan and thought “oh that’s pretty cool, but I would change….(insert change)” . Well I know I’m not the only one otherwise Fanimation wouldn’t have a custom production department and I wouldn’t be typing any of this out.

A few years ago, Fanimation had an idea for something new, take something unique and make it more so. They took the one-bladed fan, the metro gray Enigma, and painted it Red/Blue. When staring at this color… its purple. There’s no way around it, its purple, of course until you shine light on it, (natural light is the best by the way), then it becomes something totally new, something totally different. It’s Red, no, no it’s blue! WAIT! It’s copper! When looking at this paint it’s something completely different, yet so simple. And once it starts spinning and spitting out these colors you’ll catch yourself resembling your dog or cat. Just staring at something, maybe your head cocked to the side? I know for me, my mouth is open with just a little confused twinkle in my eye…


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