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What’s Your Name?

I was the first employee of the Casablanca Fan Company which had its beginnings in 1973, in fact my first day there was 38 years ago today. I went independent with my portion of the company in January of 1984. However, my dream to do that had begun 3 years earlier (I had many obstacles to overcome).

One of the first things I did was come up with a company name. I had done some projects for Disneyland, in particular their design department which is called Disney Imagineering the combination of imagine and engineering. I had always liked the way they had done that so I came up with Fanimation a combination of fan and animation. I printed out the name in a very large font on a card about 2” high and 8″ wide. I kept it in the pencil drawer of desk so every time I opened my desk drawer I was reminded of my goal.

We started out as Fanimation Design and Manufacturing, Inc. That was a lot of name to say and to put on forms and such so several years ago I shortened it to Fanimation, Inc., you can thank me later.

That’s whole truth and nothing but…

Tom Frampton
Founder & CEO


  1. Marcy Brown

    Glad to see that the name debate Nolan and I started turned into such a nice blog entry! I can say we have the original draft. ; – )

  2. norma "jeanie" cleveland

    hi tom-remember me as nolan’s grammie from mo. who visited you with the browns last summer. as a hard core disney fan i found it fun to learn what part disney played in your career. by the way is mia frampton the finalist on “the voice” really your niece or is that another peter frampton relative??

  3. Christy Frampton

    We’re not related to Dia Frampton. But when people ask if we are related to Peter we just answer yes, so maybe we will do the same with Dia!

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