fanSync makes for Smarter Fans

Nowadays, almost everything is “smart.” Smart TV, smart watches, smart cars, smart home, smart keys, the list goes on and on. One more thing is about to be added to that list – smart fans. With the release of the newest version of fanSync by Fanimation, not only will your life get a little bit easier, but your ceiling fan is about to become smarter than ever before. You might be familiar with this application, as the original application was released into the market over a year ago. fanSync has recently been upgraded to include new features and make your fans as smart as they can be. fanSync is the premiere technology of its kind. fanSync is a mobile application…

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Behind the ENERGY STAR Label

If you’ve been to any home improvement store recently, you’re probably familiar with the ENERGY STAR logo. The ENERGY STAR logo is pasted all over different kinds of products, ranging from telephones to swimming pool equipment and everything in between. Each kind of product has its own specifications set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it must meet in order to earn the ENERGY STAR endorsement. Since each product is different, it is only fitting that the specifications vary accordingly. One thing that is common amongst all the requirements? Products must not only be energy efficient, but they must provide certain features and benefits desired by customers. In order for a ceiling fan to earn the ENERGY STAR…

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Get the Most out of your Ceiling Fans this Summer

It’s barely June and across the country we’ve already seen some pretty scorching temperatures. Whether you’re down in Florida or here in the Midwest, it’s clear that it is going to be one hot summer. Cold showers, ice cream, and tank tops aren’t the only ways to beat the heat though. So, don’t turn on your air conditioning just yet, we’ve got some tips that will keep you and your family cool. Ceiling fans and standing fans are a great resource when it comes to staying cool in this weather, but how exactly can you use them in order to take advantage of all they have to offer? First, make sure your ceiling fans are turning in the right direction….

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5 Myths About Ceiling Fans: Busted

1. Ceiling fans are useless in the winter You may think turning on your fan in the winter is ridiculous. And you might be right. Turning your fan on the same as you would in the summer would be ridiculous. However, many fans have reverse functions, meaning they can turn both clockwise and counterclockwise. When you’re looking for a cooling effect, your fan should be set to turn in the counterclockwise direction. In the winter, setting your fan to turn clockwise will allow for more air circulation and will keep heat from rising completely, making your rooms feel warmer and allowing you to turn down that thermostat. 2. Ceiling fans are used to cool rooms This is a very common…

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Del Mar Fans and Lighting Guest Blog – fanSync

If we lose our car, we can press the panic button to alert us to where it’s located. If we lose our cell phone, someone can call it for us so we can track it down. But, if we lose our ceiling fan remote, any hope of finding it quickly is lost. That is, until now. With Fanimation’s fanSync, losing your ceiling fan remote is a thing of the past. Install your fanSync, download the app on your smart phone, and voilà! Finding your ceiling fan remote will no longer be an issue. Never again will you have to pull your hair out in frustration or break a sweat trying to remember where your ceiling fan remote is. Take a…

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