Mindstorm Madness Camp Gets Creative!

Tom Frampton’s cousin, Julie Panus, is a science teacher. Julie teaches a Mindstorm Madness Camp for fifth, sixth, and seventh graders over the summer at Plymouth State University (PSU) in Plymouth, New Hampshire.   Using the LEGO Mindstorms, campers worked in teams, learned to build and program robots. Teams were challenged to solve real-world problems with their bots, in both cooperative and competitive challenges. Naturally, due to Tom’s inquisitive nature, he asked how he could get involved. Tom decided to challenge the students to program a bot to write the word Fanimation. If they were successful, they would each win an Urbanjet fan from Fanimation. As you can see below, we are now a few Urbanjet’s short!  

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Hello! My Name is Beckwith

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me 1.)    My name was originally The Lloyd, but my parents decided that Beckwith sounded a little more sophisticated. I would prefer to be called The Dude, but that’s a different story… 2.)    I am a master of deception with many hidden talents including the ability to create a cooling breeze while masquerading as a super fashionable drum light shade. 3.)    I prefer to hang out in kitchens and dining rooms and the most entertaining game I’ve ever witnessed is Cards Against Humanity. 4.)    My best party trick is the ability to change lengths in the blink of an eye. I include a 4.5” downrod, but can be installed with a 6”, 12”, 18”,…

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National Ceiling Fan Day Flyer 2014

National Ceiling Fan Day – 2014

We are gearing up for the second annual National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD) on September 18, 2014.  Last year’s launch was a major success!  We collaborated with the American Lighting Association (ALA), ENERGY STAR, Alliance to Save Energy (ASE), and many others! Fanimation was awarded a Special Recognition Award by ENERGY STAR  for initiating and promoting the Day.  This year we’ll again be joining forces with our industry’s top fan manufacturers and nation’s largest energy-efficiency advocates to make the event even more successful. The purpose of NCFD is to educate consumers about the benefits of fan usage and how they can save energy and money with fans year-round.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using ceiling fans because they…

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Fanimation Has a Special Connection With July 4th

Tom Frampton began his ceiling fan career when he was a junior in high-school by taking a summer job working for a man named Burton A. Burton.  Burton’s company spontaneously began manufacturing ceiling fans after they received a request to make a belt driven fan for a customer.  One request turned into a dozen, a dozen turned into a hundred, and so on.  Burton then renamed the company, Casablanca Fan Co. and put Tom in charge of the designer ceiling fan division.  Several years later, Tom decided to part ways with the Casablanca Fan Co. to start his own fan company, Fanimation.  Thirty years ago Tom began Fanimation in his garage in Pasadena, California.  Tom was able to buy a…

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Employee Spotlight – Jay Boughner

This month’s Employee Spotlight features, Jay Boughner, our Controller.  Jay oversees financial reporting and information technology.  Jay’s colleagues had some great things to say about him: Teal Cracraft said, “Jay is a great colleague who truly cares about company morale.  During our weekly management meetings, Jay always finds a motivational quote that resonates with our team and gets us going. Nathan Frampton said, “Jay is a very loyal and hardworking team member. Jay’s is a great combination of accounting and marketing talent.  His presentation skills, specifically of financial information, is phenomenal.” Tom Frampton said, “Jay manages a piece of wisdom with each virtual meeting we have.” Now let’s get into his interview! What is your proudest moment at Fanimation? It’s…

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